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Kent Bonham and Jeff Sackmann founded College Splits in 2006. We've been collecting, analyzing, and distributing cutting-edge college baseball data ever since.

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St. Louis Cardinals 2010 Draft Recap

June 17, 2010

Unless we were drugged and transported across the country against our will, we were not in the St. Louis draft room last week. But if we had done a shadow draft in the Cardinals place, the results would've looked an awful lot like this. (Plus Tyler Holt, of course.) We're not fanboys, we're just impressed with what is probably the best draft of 2010.

By the numbers, Zack Cox isn't quite the elite pick he's made out to be. But his improvement from his freshman year is impressive--he completely revamped his approach, allowing him to strike out less and maintain most of his production. The Cards were lucky to get him with the 25th pick.

Cody Stanley and Greg Garcia are two more excellent picks. Stanley is one of the best all-around college players in the draft, hitting for power, walking a ton, posting excellent defensive numbers behind the plate, and even stealing 13 bases in 15 tries. Garcia is arguably the best defensive shortstop in the draft, and by our numbers, one of the two best position players picked after the fourth round.

Finally, a note on Pat Biserta. He's cooled down since we highlighted him earlier in the season, but he's still got an adjusted OPS over 1.300. Who knows where he'll play in the field (if at all), but he's an awfully good bat to grab with the 739th overall pick.

Draft Class Breakdown

Here's a general idea of who they took, and where they got 'em. To compare to other teams and MLB averages, check out this post at THT Live.

  Pos    4YR  JC  HS  Total  
  RHP      9   2   5     16  
  LHP      9   0   1     10  
  C        2   1   0      3  
  1B       1   0   0      1  
  2B       3   0   0      3  
  3B       2   0   0      2  
  SS       3   1   2      6  
  LF       3   0   0      3  
  CF       2   1   1      4  
  RF       1   1   2      4  
  Total   35   6  11

Splits for Cardinals Draftees

25 - Zack Cox, Arkansas

46 - Seth Blair, Arizona State

50 - Tyrell Jenkins, Henderson HS (TX)

75 - Jordan Swagerty, Arizona State

106 - Samuel Tuivailala, Aragon HS (CA)

139 - Cody Stanley, UNC - Wilmington

169 - Nicholas Longmire, University of the Pacific

199 - John Gast, Florida State

229 - Greg Garcia, U Hawaii

259 - Daniel Bibona, University of California - Irvine

289 - Tyler Lyons, Oklahoma State

319 - Reginald Williams, Middle Georgia College

349 - Benjamin Freeman, Lake Gibson HS (FL)

379 - Austin Wilson, Harvard-Westlake HS (CA)

409 - Colin Walsh, Stanford U

439 - Cesar Aguilar, AB Miller HS (CA)

469 - Geoffrey Klein, Santa Clara U

499 - Anthony Bryant, Connally HS (TX)

529 - Corderius Dodd, North Side HS (TN)

559 - Boone Whiting, Centenary Col

589 - Chad Oberacker, Tennessee Tech U

619 - Trevor Martin, West Seattle HS (WA)

649 - Joshua Lucas, State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota

679 - Steven Ramos, Ohlone Col

709 - Dyllon Nuernberg, Western Nevada CC

739 - Patrick Biserta, Rutgers U New Brunswick

769 - Richard Mendoza, Isabel Flores HS

799 - Victor Sanchez, University of San Diego

829 - Aiden Lucas, Denison University

859 - John Black, U Kentucky

889 - Christopher Patterson, Appalachian St U

919 - Iden Nazario, Miami

949 - Mike O'Neill, U Southern California

979 - Ryan Copeland, Illinois St U

1009 - Joseph Bergman, College of Charleston

1039 - Matt Valaika, University of California - Santa Barbara

1069 - Andrew Benes, Arkansas State

1099 - Dean Kiekhefer, Louisville

1129 - Patrick Elkins, Belmont University

1159 - Jeff Nadeau, Louisiana St U Shreveport

1189 - Ian Parry, Furman U

1219 - Philip Cerreto, Longwood U

1249 - Michael Reid, Vanderbilt

1279 - Larry Brand, Bradley Central HS (TN)

1309 - Christopher Edmondson, Le Moyne College

1339 - Adam Melker, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

1369 - Robert Hansen, Beech HS (TN)

1399 - Peter Mooney, Palm Beach CC

1429 - Justin Wright, Virginia Tech U

1459 - Hector Acosta-Carrillo, Coffeyville CC

1489 - Robert Revesz, Louisville

1519 - Andrew Moye, Georgia Southern U