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Kent Bonham and Jeff Sackmann founded College Splits in 2006. We've been collecting, analyzing, and distributing cutting-edge college baseball data ever since.

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Pittsburgh Pirates 2010 Draft Recap

June 17, 2010

The Pirates went young in this draft, taking only two D-1 players in their first 10 picks. Those two, Tyler Waldron and Brandon Cumpton seem just as risky as any highschooler. Waldron has a solid K/BB ratio of nearly four, along with lots of groundballs, but he gave up more homers that you'd like to see, especially away from home.

Waldron's ugly numbers (a 5.90 ERA) may be in part due to luck and defense, but Cumpton would have a hard time making the same case. He too got plenty of grounders, but his strikeout rate of 6.5 per nine belies his prospect status, especially when paired with 3.9 W/9. It was a disappointing year for him, but perhaps the promise of wearing a Bradenton Marauders uniform will be enough to get him on the right track again.

Way down with the 1017th pick, the Pirates took D-3 Linfield's Kelson Brown. Jeff saw Linfield play several games at the D-3 World Series a couple of weeks ago, but while Pittsburgh drafted him as a pitcher, Brown played shortstop. (He only threw 11 innings all season.) It's tough to scout a pitcher watching him throw from deep in the hole, but there's no question, this guy's got an arm.

Draft Class Breakdown

Here's a general idea of who they took, and where they got 'em. To compare to other teams and MLB averages, check out this post at THT Live.

  Pos    4YR  JC  HS  Total  
  RHP      4   6  17     27  
  LHP      2   0   3      5  
  C        1   0   2      3  
  1B       2   0   1      3  
  2B       1   0   0      1  
  SS       2   0   1      3  
  IF       1   0   0      1  
  LF       1   0   0      1  
  CF       1   1   2      4  
  OF       2   0   0      2  
  Total   17   7  26

Splits for Pirates Draftees

2 - Jameson Taillon, The Woodlands HS (TX)

52 - Stetson Allie, St. Edward HS (OH)

84 - Mel Rojas Jr., Wabash Valley College

117 - Nicholas Kingham, Sierra Vista HS (NV)

147 - Tyler Waldron, Oregon State

177 - Jason Hursh, Trinity Christian Academy (TX)

207 - Austin Kubitza, Heritage HS (TX)

237 - Dace Kime, Defiance Sr. HS (OH)

267 - Brandon Cumpton, Georgia Tech

297 - Zachary Weiss, Northwood HS (CA)

327 - Daniel Grovatt, U Virginia

357 - Vincent Payne, Cypress Col

387 - Christopher Kirsch, Marple Newtown HS (PA)

417 - Bryce Weidman, Southwestern Oregon CC

447 - Andrew Maggi, Arizona State

477 - Matthew Curry, Texas Christian U

507 - Ryan Hafner, Lee's Summit West HS (MO)

537 - Chase Wentz, Louisiana St U Shreveport

567 - Kent Emanuel, Woodstock HS (GA)

597 - Justin Bencsko, Villanova U

627 - Dale Carey, Wheeler HS (GA)

657 - Adalberto Santos, Oregon State

687 - Jared Lakind, Cypress Woods HS (TX)

717 - Justin Howard, New Mexico

747 - Casey Sadler, Western Oklahoma St Col

777 - Brandon Pierce, Gunter HS (TX)

807 - Kevin Kleis, Grossmont Col

837 - Zackary Powers, Armwood HS (FL)

867 - Garret Levsen, Sonora HS (CA)

897 - Matthew Skirving, Eastern Michigan U

927 - Jason Townsend, U Alabama Tuscaloosa

957 - Chase Lyles, Northwestern St U

987 - Justin Ennis, Louisiana St U Shreveport

1017 - Kelson Brown, Linfield College

1047 - Andrew Muren, Cal St Northridge

1077 - James Archibald, McLennan CC

1107 - William Allen, Buchholz HS (FL)

1137 - Alex Cox, Santiago HS (CA)

1167 - Kevin Decker, Col of Charleston

1197 - Harrison Cooney, Vero Beach Senior HS (FL)

1227 - Bryton Trepagnier, East St John (LA)

1257 - Stephen Lumpkins, American U

1287 - Garrett Hicks, Yucaipa HS (CA)

1317 - Cory McGinnis, Shelton State CC

1347 - Connor Sadzeck, Crystal Lake Central HS (IL)

1377 - Ryan Wiggins, West Seattle HS (WA)

1407 - Nathan Sorenson, Texas HS (TX)

1437 - Dillon Haviland, South Fayette HS (PA)

1467 - Logan Pevny, West Milford HS (NJ)

1497 - Dusty Isaacs, Lebanon HS (OH)