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Kent Bonham and Jeff Sackmann founded College Splits in 2006. We've been collecting, analyzing, and distributing cutting-edge college baseball data ever since.

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Seattle Mariners 2010 Draft Recap

June 11, 2010

There is one word to best describe the top of the Mariners' draft, and that word is: AirHog. Seattle seemed to view college bats as a weakness in the draft, as they avoided the collegiate ranks entirely with their first three picks, and turned to former Kentucky star, and current Boras Corp. AirHog James Paxton with the 132nd pick.

First things first - AirHog is a funny word. Beyond that, it was a bold pick for a team without a selection in the first round. Indy leaguer evaluation will always be a scouting judgement, but if Tom McNamara & Co. can get Paxton to recapture his K/9 over 13 and groundout percentage of 60% from 2009 in the SEC, Mariners fans will have reason to pick up their breathless wonder of the Mariners' new front office once again.

One pick later, the M's selected Tennessee Tech's Stephen Pryor. The dude has a K rate over 16, so you do the math. He apparently throws very hard.

Mid-rounder Tyler Burgoon was one of Jim Callis's sleeper picks when we talked to him earlier this season. That's good enough for us.

University of Washington pitcher Forrest Snow was taken by Seattle in the 36th round. Forrest Snow? Hippies

Draft Class Breakdown

Here's a general idea of who they took, and where they got 'em. To compare to other teams and MLB averages, check out this post at THT Live.

  Pos    4YR  JC  HS  Total  
  RHP     12   1   7     21  
  LHP      5   1   2      9  
  C        2   0   2      4  
  1B       2   0   1      3  
  3B       2   0   1      3  
  SS       3   0   1      4  
  CF       1   0   2      3  
  RF       1   1   0      2  
  UTL      1   0   0      1  
  Total   29   3  16

Splits for Mariners Draftees

43 - Taijuan Walker, Yucaipa HS (CA)

67 - Marcus Littlewood, Pineview HS (UT)

99 - Ryne Stanek, Blue Valley HS (KS)

132 - James Paxton, AIRHOG

162 - Stephen Pryor, Tennessee Tech

192 - Christian Carmichael, Mililani HS (HI)

222 - Mickey Wiswall, Boston College

252 - Jabari Blash, Miami Dade CC South

282 - Luke Taylor, Woodinville Sr. HS (WA)

312 - Tyler Burgoon, Michigan

342 - Jon Keller, Xavier HS (IA)

372 - Stefen Romero, Oregon State

402 - Jason Markovitz, Cal St Long Beach

432 - Tyler Linehan, Sheldon HS (CA)

462 - Charles Kaalekahi, Campbell HS (HI)

492 - Jordan Shipers, South Harrison HS (MO)

522 - Danny Lopez, U Pittsburgh

552 - William Kesler, U New Mexico

582 - Frankie Christian, Upland HS (CA)

612 - Matthew Bischoff, Purdue

642 - Luke Guarnaccia, St Thomas Aquinas HS (FL)

672 - Stephen Landazuri, Carter HS (CA)

702 - Jandy Sena

732 - Bennett Whitmore, Concordia University

762 - Ernesto Zaragoza, Kaiser HS (CA)

792 - Robert Anston, Boston Col

822 - Nick Fleece, Texas A&M U

852 - Tim Griffin, Rollins Col

882 - Jonathan McGibbon, Lindenhurst HS (NY)

912 - Derek Poppert, University of San Francisco

942 - Jake Schlander, Stanford U

972 - Andrew Giobbi, Vanderbilt

1002 - Douglas Peterson, Gilbert HS (AZ)

1032 - Tyler Whitney, Mississippi St U

1062 - Ethan Paquette, Hofstra U

1092 - Forrest Snow, Washington

1122 - Ryan Kiel, Marshall U

1152 - Benjamin Versnik, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

1182 - Josh Krist, Cal Poly Pomona

1212 - Nathan Reed, Kutztown University

1242 - Billy Marcoe, Cal St Fullerton

1272 - Michael Aviles, St Thomas Aquinas Col

1302 - Matt Browning, James Madison U

1332 - Timothy Boyce, U Rhode Island

1362 - Stephen Kohlscheen, Auburn

1392 - David Rollins, San Jacinto College North

1422 - James Wood, Trinity Col

1452 - Patrick Brady, Bellarmine Col

1482 - Colton Keough, Tesoro HS (CA)

1512 - David Holman, Hutchinson CC